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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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maria: path of destruction as a new tornado hits concord area . a thief steals an autographed patriots helmet worth thousands. maria: the strange phone call and promise he made to the owners hours later. mobile mistake. how you could be doing damage to your phone just a charging it is -- by charging it. ed: how you may be able to spot when someone is spying on you. maria: a major cleanup effort going on. several homes without power and downed trees are around the town tonight. ed: shaun chaiyabhat with the
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shaun: cleanup will take quite some time. the owners of this in behind me are eating out. earlier today they had guests that were stuck in debris. >> i heard a big rumble and a flash and started hearing windows break entries fall. >> everyone was ok. lights were out, alarms going off, it was scary. shaun: firef >> they were stuck all day. we had a tree down that completely blocked our access. the tourists got out safe but left behind their damaged car. a similar scene 439 homes. 100 mile-per-hour winds punched branches through walls. the f-1 tornado tore a half mile
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>> i have never seen anything like this, ever. i >> i am lucky. i am lucky did not collapse. >> lucky all around. >> there is 15 trees down. not too much damage to the property, luckily. it has been there for 150 years, it looks like it will be there another 150 years. shaun: one worker was hurt clearing debris but he was alert and conscious when taken to the hospital. maria: governor baker leading to help the people in concord cleanup. another area that was hit pretty hard. that is my bro. the force of the wind so strong you are about to see it. there is a message -- a massive storage shed that was pushed
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the wind snapped it and straightened this out. it ripped it right out. maria: large trees fell on power lines ripping those down to the ground at the height of the storm more than 3,000 people lost electricity. ed: how powerful was this tornado? harvey: we have a scale, ef1. there it is right over there. two years ago we had this revere tornado and the springfield which was ef3. it is when it occurs. why can he expect something like this but there was a tornado warning issued at 3:00 a.m., it occurred around 3:20 a.m. and inc. started to move eastward. no lightning or center. occurring at the crazy hour of the night and that means a very strong disturbance came through obviously. it roared through where it hit,
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in its wake. this shows you it was a strong system because the air mass is changed so markedly. it was so humid last night and it is cool and dry now. it is down to 52 degrees in pittsfield, 53 in springfield. 54 in orange, and it is so comfortably dry out. you have got the windows open, you might use a blanket because it is that cold. even boston will be wrapping to the 50's. many places in the 40's tonight and first thing tomorrow. there is a new tropical storm i will -- i will talk about that and more in a few minutes. maria: watch this thief's daring move jumping over a bar getting his hands on an impressive piece of patriots memorabilia. right now foxboro police hope that video will help catch the crook. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live in foxboro with the brazen crime.
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the patriots were playing a pre-season match-up with the saints. with the pats preseason game underway, most of skipjacks customers had left to go to the stadium. but this ticket holder, came into the bar around 9:30. he was carded, then served a beer, he ate dumplings and wasabi salmon, then helped himself to something else, the 2014 patriots championship helmet signed by the entire team. >> he jumped over the bar after moving his bill am a got the helmet, put the helmet on the bar, jumped back over the car, put the helmet on the chair, state conformation, took his tom brady jury be -- jersey off them uncovered the helmet with it and casually walked off. mary: it was a brazen crime, that gets even more bizarre, because the thief called the restaurant to fess up. >> he called up and said he did
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i said that is nice of you, no one does that create he said i am not done yet. mary: young man went on to admit he'd stolen the autographed helmet. i asked why you would do that. he said i will bet about it i will put it in a fedex box and ship it off to you immediately. mary: 10 days later, skipjacks is still waiting for that helmet, so now, they're going public with the surrveillance video. take a good look, foxboro police are now investigating. >> i am sure they will have this wrapped up in no time. we're hoping the young man might do the right thing. otherwise we are confused as to what he called. maria: the bartender remembers the young man's license said he was from wilmington, born in july of 1986, makes him 30 yrs old. if you recognize him, call foxboro police. ed: we're hearing from the family of a woman, killed by a party bus in east boston.
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they're questioning the bus company's story about how it happened. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in dorchester. you just talked to the family? jorge: the victims -- victim's family lives here in dorchester, and tonight they are giving a very different account of the fatal accident. tonight a grieving family says 27-year-old tracy paniagua, was not tring to pry open an emergency window on that party bus when it popped open. >> all her in two other guys -- girls fell, on a bachellorete party. >> it is looking more likely that another car ran over her after she fell out the bus
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company operating the party bus, entourage livery out of north attleboro, now claiming the 2 women had pried open an emergency exit window, stating it takes a good amount of pressure to pull the handle and push the window out for it to open. one of the passengers mentioned repeatedly, that she kept trying to open that specific window for air. >> it is still early in the investigation. jorge paniagua was a security : guard,her family says very responsible, they question the company's account hoping police get to the bottom of it. >> her mom wants her to remember -- people to remember. jorge we spoke to another : passenger on that bus who also supports the familys account of what happened -- the family's version of what happened. boston police are asking anyone who have been on that party bus and has not been interviewed to give homicide detectives a call. ed a toddler girl found
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pulled out of the water continues to fight for his life. that boy in critical condition tonight. they were found saturday evening in a pool at a home on freda lane. no word on the circumstances surrounding the incident. maria a woman studying to be a : nun the victim of a robbery her rosary beads stolen. allegedly by these two women right here. the beads were in a small bag the thieves thought was a wallet. vanessa young and her partner crystal young are charged with armed robbery. police say vanessa pulled a victim who wants to become a nun. >> i took it as a good sign. maybe they did have some seed of faith in them in their lives and in their upbringing. maybe the rosary touched something in them because as soon as they saw the rosary they put the knife away. maria just down the street from : the robbery the same women are accused of a house break in. police did recover 6 cell phones, cash and a stolen checkbook there.
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lowell woman is struck and killed by a pickup truck in a school parking lot. it happened just before 11:30 this morning at the murkland school. police now identifying the victim as 70-year-old claudia normandin. they say the driver was pulling out of a parking space when the woman was struck. the driver stayed at the scene and is working with investigators. ed commitment 2016: : the trump campaign hitting the brakes. the candidate postponing a speech set for thursday in denver where he was set to outline his immigration policy. now that is not expected to happen until next week. despite that announcement trump did not stay silent on the topic speaking today in ohio. mr. trump: we are going to have extreme vetting, remember, extreme vetting. we want evil in our country but -- people in our country but we want people that have the ability to love us and respect us.
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he is elected he will appoint a special prosecutor to probe the clinton foundation. he says the justice department has acted unethically in probing clinton's use of a private email server. and we're also learning tonight the state department is looking at 15,000 emails uncovered as part of the fbi's year-long investigation into clinton's emails. the department says the communications contain both personal and work-related materials. a conservative legal group wants the emails to be released. earlier this summer, the fbi said it would not recommend criminal charges tied to the scandal. the justice department accepted that recommendation. maria: we are getting new details about the state's open road tolling program. outlining the data it says it will collect. the all-electronic toll system is set to go live on october 28. the technology will collect data on ez pass transponders and license plates, which could be used to track vehicles.
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soon to be collecting lots of sensitive information about where we travel and when. >> the purpose of collecting the data is to allow us to collect tolls and collect tolls accurately. maria mass dot says under normal : situations, information will only be given out if it receives a subpoena or used in cases like amber alerts. >> next on newscenter 5. maria: the worker accused of hiding a secret camera in the bathroom of a popular swimming spot and went to spot when someone is buying on you. ed: new rules for how much sugar kids should eat and the common food that is giving them too much. harvey: how long this refreshing cooldown will stick around and
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>> you are watching wcvb newscenter five at 11 p.m. ed: this state worker is charged with hiding a camera in a women's bathroom. maria it was a camera, disguised : as a pen, spotted only by chance. newscenter 5's john atwater is live at houghton's pond, with how it was found. john: an alert life here noticed something was not right. the technology raymond mckinnon allegedly used to spy on women in a staff bathroom at houghton's pondch >> technology is there. people use it for what they want . john rick barrett installs : surveillance cameras at homes and businesses, he's familiar with the pen camera the park ranger is accused of using, so small he says it would be very hard to notice. >> you would not be able to see it. you could hide it anywhere. all it would be is a pinhole. so you could see what is going in. if it was a drop ceiling, maybe you'd see a pinhole or something like that. john but the camera mckinnon is
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flashing green light that tipped off a lifeguard, the camera was hidden among cleaning supplies stored in milk crates. >> there is a video of the individual who placed the camera adjusting the camera. john state police say they found : an sd card in that small pen camera containing images and video. the 30-year-old park ranger was released after posting $10,000 bail, but offered no explanation for the crime he's accused of. ryan lochte is taking a major he has been suspended without pay. ed ryan lochte is taking a major : hit in the wallet, from his drunken run-in at a rio gas station. all 4 of corporate sponsors are cutting ties with the olympic gold medalist. speedo, ralph lauren, gentle hair removal, and mattress maker airweave all say lochte is out. lochte admits he embellished about being robbed at gunpoint while at the olympics earlier this month. maria a health warning for : parents tonight, your kids might be eating too much sugar. children should eat no more than
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university report. here's how that breaks down. that's one small chocolate bar and is less than a can of coke. researchers say kids typically eat more than 4 times that and tend to eat fewer healthy foods as a result. he's known for having the biggest and really some of the best lobster rolls in the world. and bob weekes is someone you should know because he's now in the fight of his life. he needs a new kidney. the one his sister donated to he's on dialysis three times a week. and he's hoping for a live donor. his customers at his place the raw bar in mashpee have been an amazing support system. >> there is not a day i walk in here when i do not walk in here and someone's as i am saying prayers for you. the community has been unbelievable. maria bob is getting his : treatment at beth israel and is working with a living kidney coordinator. if you want more information you can contact beth israel or just go down and see bob at the raw
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i go to the -- or go to the ra ed: we wish him nothing but the best. taking another look at concord tonight. harvey: i want to let you see right here what went through there. if you look the brightest red in this loop, follow it and long right in there, it goes over concord. it has been confirmed, the damage shows that with the debris, trees come down from different directions and that indicates that a half-mile was delayed for hundred miles -- yards wide. this is the scale. you can see efc, that is their weakest relatively speaking and then ef5 is the maximum. in terms of us, we do average
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here. depends on when you were -- you will go back, 10 years or 30 years or more. new england averages about eight or you this is rounded off to the nearest phone number for each state. the total comes up to about eight. the rainfall, that was appreciated late last night. we needed it that badly and need a lot more. i do not see a lot more anytime soon but you can see over an inch . high pressure in control with a dry, cool west northerly wind and that will stay with us all night long. austin musso comfortable out. 60 degrees, there is very dry, dew points are low and temperatures in the low 50's already. well to the north and west, 60's close to the coastal plain and some gusty winds at 22 miles an hour area and 30 in nantucket.
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comfortable air that we are enjoying. these are your temperatures around sunrise tomorrow. cool stuff, a little hint of fall in the air, not going to last but you have a great day tomorrow around 80. give or take one or two plus or minus, a lighter northwesterly wind and sunshine, that is a great congress -- commendation. cloudless skies around 79, recurrent risk is low. tropics surrogate in active. this is the newest tropical storm at the african coast. this is called gaston. we are going to show you that. we also have what is left of fiona which is a tropical depression. the system which is a tropical wave which might wind up not far from the bahamas. gaston, forecast to become a
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northwest but still to the southeast of bermuda by five days from now by a fire -- a fair margin. there is fiona but it is a weak area of low pressure between the meter and the southeast coast of the united states and then the system that could get close to the bahamas, uncertain if it will develop significantly and. we have play to follow in the tropics and that is what we will be doing. the next couple of days are incredible so enjoy these days if you can. right son, lowum thursday becomes warm to hot and a little more humid. a spot shower or thunderstorm possible friday and it looks like we improve to somewhat more comfortable weather for the upcoming weekend. i do not see much more in the next few days. it: on charging your cell phone.
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ed: we all do it. you charger cell phone before you go to bed. maria: is it the charging takes a toll on the lessee in -- lithium-ion battery. they have technology that prevents them from observing excessive current. one charge which is -- once fully charged nothing happens. so charging like that will cause your battery to start to deteriorate after about two years. that is the time that most consumers are up for an upgrade. which i say is a conspiracy.
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who is going to wake up in a couple of hours and unplug their phone? that is not going to happen. maria: not me. harvey: kind of nice in saint petersburg. >> everyone wants to tell him
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support icans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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>> now here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5. powered with xfinity. mike: andrew benedetti made a catch for the ages. it will be that catch your
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and coffee. david price it back in saint pete against his former team. eight innings, two hits, no runs and eight punch outs. last night's game there was a catch. >> a deep right into left field mud down into the corner again and heading near the wall. he is hung up, did he catch it? you got to be kidding me. he took one back. a spectacular play by the rookie. the time as a kid, he said. what a spectacular catch, the best he has ever made. and david price when he came back and he thanked him and not surprised, a southeast conference guy. big papi will have the biggest hug of all coming down the end
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welcome to the big leagues, boys. ok. meanwhile later on taking the two-run home run. r.b.i. 77 -- 771. that is pretty relevant. the red sox slide into a first-place tie. they win within two games, the red sox in toronto. taking you to milwaukee. watch the ice cream cone on the top as he gets up. it looked like a clean catch to me. tom brady was excused from practice today again. it was excused yesterday. he has not been seen since he walked out of the game. where is tom and why is he not
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it is not injury related which adds more intrigued to the mystery. where is he? did he cut his some on a pair of scissors as was reported? did he slam his fist into an object? inquiring minds need answers. >> he was excused for not injury related reasons. >> i do not comment on personal situations. we will [indiscernib] mike: the patriots went to the movies. mark wahlberg happened to be there host because he is starring in deepwater horizon and wahlberg said it is the story about the bp oil spill, he thought it might help the ball club. bill belichick is known to take people to movies. that is this year's edition right there. remember that night, deepwater
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maria: it was deep tornado in concord. harvey: when everyone heads out early tomorrow, wow. so refreshing.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- hillary clinton -- and john krasinski -- with cleto and the cletones -- and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.


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